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Unleashing the Potential of Female Health & Wellbeing

Redefining PMS Care

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Focus on Female Physiology

Femai prioritizes harmonizing female physiology, focusing on PMS. We empower with personalized, compassionate care for PMS management. Our goal: PMS as a stepping stone to strength, allowing each woman to take charge of her unique journey to a more healthy and thriving life.

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Personalized PMS Care for a Thriving, Empowered Life.

Personal Healthcare

Experience personalized healthcare at Femai. Our assessments and tests provide tailored insights for you to take control of your health.

Holistic Approach

Harness the power of natural balance through lifestyle-based treatments. We prioritize holistic approaches that align with your body's innate wisdom, fostering vibrant health and wellbeing.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated health coaches and medical doctors at Femai offers expert guidance and support throughout your health journey.

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Empower Your PMS Journey

Say goodbye to generic advice embrace a new era of wellness. tailored just for you. Unlock personalized and compassionate support, whether you're battling PMS or seeking holistic health.

Explore your unique health journey.

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Femai is a game-changer. It's personalized and remarkable, a testament to the team's remarkable attention to detail.

- Elsa Andersson

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Femai's clarity and execution are impressive, even in its prototype stage. Launching this service would make a significant impact in women's health.

- Sofia Lindström

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I can't emphasize enough how valuable Femai is. It's a constant support system for my health and wellbeing, a lifeline during those low moments.

- Emelie Johansson

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Tired of PMS?

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Meet the Founder

"Almost every woman knows the unwelcome visit of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), not only with its burden of fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety, but how it impacts self esteem, family relations and career.

Can you imagine how the world would look like, if women were free from the constraints of health issues and could unlock their full potential?”

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Karin Wiberg

Bioengineer & Data Scientist

Karin is a biotechnology engineer with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a Data Scientist with experience in developing digi-physical precision healthcare services.

Transform your organization’s approach to Set Women Up for Success

We partner with forward-thinking employers and to create

a new standard of hormonal wellness in their organizations.

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Join Us!

Do you want to change the future of female healthcare? We are open to partnerships with organisations and collaboration with like-minded individuals.

Follow us or reach out to us today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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